Tuesday, November 24, 2009


“… Nothing is more uncertain, than to effect change – for those who will benefit from the proposal do not fully comprehend its advantages, while those of the old order know full well what will be their losses...” - Nicholi Machiavelli

The number of new creations, technologies and knowledge within all forms of human endeavor (Art, Science, Commerce, etc.) is a never ending quest for improvement in both efficiencies (productivity arising from doing more with less) and effectiveness (attaining high results for a given amount of effort). In reacting to these changes, American Society over the past 200+ years has adapted and matriculated on a continuing basis, through in a cornucopia of actions and reactions. The act of embracing change signifies that the “body politic” has determined that the former methods of action are no longer viable and acceptable; and accordingly - a new order needs to be implemented.

Yet, despite all of the changes occurring, governmental structures within New Jersey seem frozen in a time-warp of the 19th Century – determined to cling to inefficient, ineffective, and expensive notions of governmental service and administration simply because:

(a) they are (at lease) known quantities,
(b) bestow favor and benefits upon the existing power structure,
(c) the voters don’t seem to care and
(d) alternative practices, procedures, and methodologies have not been publicly discussed and evaluated - YET.....

Given that past solutions can no longer be relied upon, this BLOG is dedicated to simulate a debate and discussion among the citizens of State of New Jersey by offering alternative solutions, in the hope that by working together - we can make New Jersey a great place to live and work.

Make your voice heard - here's my 2 cents, for what its worth.

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